I am an artist, a healer, and a libertine.


And you, I hope, are searching for a companion in adventure.  My seemingly boundless desire for both knowledge and pleasure has led me to a path of studying the healing and sensual arts - a repertoire which includes tantra (mostly Western, neo-tantra), energy work (such as reiki), sex magick, body work (deep tissue & thai yoga massage), dance, and herbalism.  This has only served to deepen the thirst to put my education to use as for me, love and sensuality are art and each person a new, deliciously intriguing medium.  I delight in worshipping and being worshipped in turn, teaching and being taught, and co-creating decadently unique rituals.  Allow yourself to escape the mundane and taste the magic you have been longing for.



Care to indulge me in a gift? I certainly love getting spoiled.

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Height: 5'6

Bra: 36DD

Measurements: 36/29/38

Eyes: Green

Hair: Auburn

Modifications: 4 tattoos + a nostril piercing


Date Night

I make spectacular arm candy, look no further for date inspiration:

  • A night at the theater or opera
  • Luxuriating at the spa
  • Art gallery shows
  • Secretly groping at a jazz club
  • Exchanging banter over a delectable meal
  • Ballroom dancing